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corey singletonsteve505060    Douglas, Georgia
Hi, where do I start, ? I'm new to this still finding my feet, it seems you girls ask for honesty but when guys honest with you you run into the arms of guys who tell you what you want to hea
larkin reynoldsthe2ofus098    hertfordshire, England
If i had to descirbe myself would say very hard worker, also very driven to make the goals that i have for myself happen. At times can be very sarcastic but i love to joke around. when i think about
porn jubt_sasha_7    romford, England
Hello there, my name's Luke, and I thank you for taking the time to read through my profile, I genuinely appreciate that you've gotten this far, and because you've gotten this far you're either really
kiaria miacoreen563    Williams Lake, British Columbia
Talk to me and ask. :) I love talk on the phone. & txt. (Clean convos)

Harlan Schwartz. shawn lebrun

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